Joseph Michael Onorati (’16, ’17)

Joseph Onorati
Joseph and Friends of Marty President, Ron Dollard

Once again it is our distinct pleasure to announce Joseph Michael Onorati as the next recipient of the Friends and Family of Marty Boryczewski Scholarship. Joseph picks up the deserving mantle that Roxana Ponce, Sarah Shirkey, Sean Rabbit and Michael Iamurri held before him. Joseph will receive $5,000 towards his tuition at Morris Catholic High School in each of the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years.

In Joseph’s own words, we would like to share his brief bio with all of you that support Friends of Marty as well as these incredible young adults.

My name is Joseph Michael Onorati and I am a sophomore at Morris Catholic High School. I love to play sports and the two sports I play are Lacrosse and Football. I am [part of] a family of six. I have one brother named Paul, and two sisters, Jess and Kristen. I also have a big German Shepherd named ‘Rocky’, because my mom loves the movie Rocky.

Morris Catholic is the right school for me because it is small and the teachers are really nice and helpful. I live in Denville New Jersey. I look forward to going to school every morning and being surrounded by a great group of friends. I have learned so much from Morris Catholic but most of all, I have a very strong guidance from up above, and for that I am thankful everyday.

Joseph’s grounded nature as well as his connection with his family are but some of the reasons we are excited for him to carry on the tradition of being a Friends of Marty scholarship awardee.

We are truly honored to welcome Joseph, and by extension his entire family, into the Friends of Marty family.

Congratulations Joseph and best of luck reaching your goals!