Sarah Shirkey (’12, ’13)

We are very excited to announce that Sarah Shirkey has been chosen as the third recipient of the Friends and Family of Marty Boryczewski Scholarship.  As a result, Sarah will receive $5,000 towards her tuition at Morris Catholic High School in each of the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years.

Sarah Shirkey, from Montville, NJ comes from a long line of family and friends that all attended Morris Catholic including her father, Ken Shirkey, class of ’87. Sarah herself attended St. Pius X in Montville for grammar school and along with her parents decided that a Catholic education would always be her first choice. Once a Crusader herself, Sarah quickly became involved her freshman year. She soon became a dependent teammate of the varsity soccer team, helping her team to the State finals. The unity of the soccer team is one Sarah describes as “family.” Her passion for the sport and competitive nature are the reasons she continues to play. The pranks, laughs and friendships are the reasons she smiles during it all! During the winter, Sarah played JV basketball and was the freshman team captain. Having never played lacrosse before, Coach Shipley recruited Sarah to come out for the team in the spring. Although she spent the first third of the season recovering from a basketball injury, Sarah found a new hobby. The idea of starting at the bottom; learning the rules, how to catch, throw, cradle, attack and defend was a challenge Sarah glad fully accepted. Sarah lettered that season and remembers the satisfaction of hard work paying off. Sarah also represented her class freshman year as the Freshman Princess in the Homecoming Court. Academically, Sarah learned to balance her workload and became a successful honor student. Her teachers described her as “involved, engaged and energetic.” The longer she was at MC, the more it became her second home.

Sophomore year went much the same. School work became increasingly difficult and finding the balance between academics, sports, social and family relationships took some adjusting. Her coaches and teachers described her as “committed and determined.” Both of these characteristics were nurtured at MC. Sarah understands the meaning of student athlete; student first! It was during this year that Sarah gained a new respect for the staff at MC. Her commitment to strive for better, lead her to meet with teachers and email them often. They constantly encouraged and guided her towards success. They were no longer just teachers, but now, seen and respected as wonderful people, too. Dr. Kramer, the new principal introduced MC pride pins this year. They were given by coaches and faculty for showing outstanding leadership in character, morals and ethics. Sarah quickly began to collect pins. She collected 11 throughout the year. It was during this year that Sarah began to understand individuality. Her respect for classmates grew and her circle of friends learned the purest meaning of trust. Due to a recurring knee injury, Sarah was no longer playing basketball. For the first time, Sarah really got to enjoy being a spectator and cheered on the Crusaders from the stands during the winter. The year ended with excitement for the next two years and a feeling of nostalgia that it is going too fast. “I seems like yesterday I showed up for the first day of preseason and wouldn’t get out of the car!” she even said.

One of Sarah’s most memorable things at MC has been representing the student body with the recruiting team. She travels to the local grammar schools and talks about what life of a Crusader is like. Each visit brings her home reenergized and proud of her school. Fielding questions from prospective students, answering honestly and then seeing them in the hallways shadowing brings her much satisfaction. Sarah believes that if you can get them in the door, they’ll come! The students are friendly and approachable, the facility constantly improving and always clean, and the faculty, top notch!

Sarah is excited about being an upper classmen. She is ready to attack the challenge of her college prep schedule and looks forward to driving this fall.

In Sarah’s free time, she can be found in Bolton Landing on Lake George, her favorite place on earth. Sarah has worked as a dock girl for the past two summers and loves being on the water. She enjoys boating and water sports during the summer and skiing there during the winter. She truly has a passion for the outdoors. Sarah is much like many other teenagers and also enjoys shopping, being with her friends and sleeping in! Her favorite color is hot pink and she loves sushi and Mexican food.

Sarah is beginning her college Search. Her coaches, trainers and physical therapists have been influential in her life and shown her the need to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. She dreams of becoming a Physical Therapist helping athletes recover and strengthen.

At the end of the day, Sarah is a focused and diligent student, competitive athlete, faithful, loving and protective older sister and knows how to not take life too seriously. She has learned early that laughter is the best medicine and the ability to laugh at yourself often helps!