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9/11 Museum
9/11 Museum

To all Friends of Marty…

We wanted to extend an opportunity to all of you to leave a note of remembrance of Marty. Not only is this for Marty and his family and friends, but also for anyone that wants to share in what an amazing part Marty played in our lives – or – who he was if you did not have the chance to know him.

We realize that some of you that have been a long part of our events did not know Marty personally, but your memories of being a part of Friends of Marty surely will spread the word on who Marty is by your continued willingness to help FoM out.

Please follow the instructions below if you would like to leave a message. It is greatly appreciated by all so let’s do what we can to increase the number of memories left for/about Marty!

From the museum……
“Regarding making recorded remembrances, anyone who wants to make a recording will be calling our Call to Remember Archive. These spoken memories may be used to support exhibitions and other programs at the Memorial Museum. Visitors will hear the names read as they cross the exhibition threshold, both when they arrive and when they exit the memorial exhibition gallery, visitors will listen to the voices of individuals – friends, family members, former colleagues, neighbors – speaking a loved one’s name and identifying their relationship to them in a continuous collage of sound: “My brother, Martin Boryczewski… my co-worker, Marty Boryczewski… my cousin, Marty Boryczewski.” Thus, when entering the memorial exhibition, every one of us will be reminded of the intricate web of connection that binds all of us to one another. We anticipate using the call to remember recording to do this audio piece. Visitors will also hear anecdotes shared by families and friends in the inner portions of the gallery space.

To access the Call to Remember Archive please dial (866) 582-5613 (Toll Free) or (646) 248-6225 (Local). When connected, you will hear a recorded voice welcoming you to the service and explaining the recording process. You will then be asked to enter a 4-digit identification code for the person you are intending to remember. The Call to Remember ID for Marty is: 1238.

You are welcome to record just your name and relationship, we also welcome you to leave an anecdote or memory you would like to share. The Call to Remember Archive will allow you up to ten minutes for each recording you wish to make. You may call and re-record as many times as you wish. You are welcome to record your remembrance in the language of your choice”

In addition to leaving a recorded memory, story, etc., the museum is also accepting physical items (i.e., photos, etc.). If you’re interested in doing so, please let us know/click here.

Sample Questions for remembering a loved one (For more info/samples Click Here)

What was his full name?

By what name did you and your interview partner refer to him/her?

What was his relationship to you?

Tell me about _________.

What did _________ look like?

What did _________mean to you?

What were _________’s hopes/dreams for the future?

When was he most happy?

What was his most defining characteristic?

What would you like (your) children to know about _______?

What did people most love about ______?

How do you think _________ would want to be remembered?

What is your first memory of _________?

What is your best memory of _________?

What is your most vivid memory of _________?

Where did _________ grow up?

What did _________ like to do as a child?

What school(s) did _________ go to?

How would _________’s friends describe him?

Did _________ have any special talents?

Did _________overcome any obstacles in his life?

Was there anything you disagreed about, fought over, experienced some

conflict around?

What about _________ made/makes you smile?

Were there any jokes _________ used to tell?

Is there something about _________ you think no one else knows?

If you could talk to _________ right now, what would you want to say?

Do you ever dream about _________?

What are the hardest times?

Do you have any traditions to honor _________?

What is the image of _________ that persists?

What would you ask _________ if he was here today?

Can you recall your last interaction with _________?

What do you miss most about _________?

What has been the hardest thing about losing _________?

What has helped you the most in your grief?

How are you different now than you were before 9/11?

What do you wonder about _________?

What don’t you know that only _________could tell you?

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