Marty Moments

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are pleased to introduce a new addition to the Friends of Marty website. We believe this addition will allow people who have had the privilege of knowing Marty to share their stories and for others to learn more about him. We are asking you again to contribute, but this time with words.

To that end, we would like to introduce: Marty Moments

Marty Moments are things that made you say, “that was DEFINITELY Marty”. At the start we would like to hear about things that have happened preparing for, leading up to, participating in or immediately following a FriendsofMarty event. In the future we would love to expand this to times that are not related to our events so keep that pen and pad on hand!

We have only been successful in bringing awareness about our organization and Marty himself due to the generous nature of the friends and family of Marty. We would love for that to continue here and hear your stories– in other words: your Marty Moments.

We are encouraging participation so write as you feel comfortable (I have made the first entries below in the comments section to get things started). Submissions will be reviewed and posted as appropriate.

At future events and/or on the website we will be compiling and sharing these moments with all of you!

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