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Friends of Marty, Inc. makes the news on occasion and this page will serve as a showcase for such releases/stories.

READ: Parsippany Patch interviews Friends of Marty President Ron Dollard
[quote]”Marty was that guy, the one everyone wanted to be around,” Dollard recalled. “He lived his life 110 percent. He worked hard and played hard. And wherever he went, whoever he met remembered him.”[/quote]

WATCH: Parsippany Patch video interview with Friends of Marty President
READ: Daily Record 9/11 Changed Forever Profile, Marty Boryczewski
[quote]The Friends of Marty foundation was established in Boryczewski’s name to provide student scholarhips to pay tuition to attend Morris Catholic High School, where Boryczewski graduated in 1990.[/quote]

READ: Erie Times News Interviews family members, very close friend Pete Venturini and Friends of Marty executive member Greg Cimilluca
[quote]”Why can’t we help one more person, two more, three more? Our objective is to keep it growing. Julie asked me how we could find the time, and my answer is, ‘How can we not do it?’ ”[/quote]

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